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Recruitment Requirements


Automotive Mechanic Course

Extensive Level 1 mechanic course

(Level 1 mechanic course + Bodycraft course)
Duration: 5-year (full-time)
Enrollment: 120

Level 1 mechanic course

Duration: 4-year (full-time)
Enrollment: 120

Extensive Level 2 mechanic course

(Level 2 mechanic course + Bodycraft course)
Duration: 3-year (full-time)
Enrollment: 160

Level 2 mechanic course

Duration: 2-year (full-time)
Enrollment: 160

Bodycraft Course

1-year program (full-time)

Entry Requirements

1) The applicant has completed all the requirements of a 12-year school (primary and secondary) education before March 2021
2) The applicant has participated our ‘Open Campus’ event
3) The applicant must acquired following Japanese-language proficiency test
1) JLPT N2 or above
2) Score over 200 for Japanese language in EJU
3) Studying at verified Japanese language school for over 6-months period
4) The applicant must be applicable for student visa during the stay in Japan
5) Proof of guarantor for paying applicant’s living expenses and tuition fee during the stay in japan
6) The applicant should be in good physical condition and able to obtain Japan driving license

Required Documents

1) Application Form (Specified form by TAUS)
2) Academic Record/Graduation Certificate from last educational institution (original copy and translated copy)
3) Attendance record transcript from Japanese Language School*
4) Academic record transcript from Japanese Language School*
• For applicants who are attending other educational institution(University/Vocational school) also required to submit academic and attendance record from those institution
5) Educational Background & Guarantor Letter(Specified form by TAUS, will be given during open-campus event)
• Guarantor’s Jyuminhyo is required if guarantor is Japanese
6) Medical & Health Record (Specified form by TAUS)
7) Residential Card & Passport
• If there is a revision of the law regarding the status of residence, it will be applied accordingly
8) Bankbook
9) Overseas Remittance
10) Tax & Invoice Record
11) Application Fee: ¥20000

* Application fee will be exempted for applicant apply via ‘Recommended School Entrance Examination’

Sending Application Form

Reservation is required for application (application without advanced reservation will not be accepted)

1) Contact to our overseas student admission office (0120-02-2535) once all documents are fully prepared and ready
2) Please come directly to our school to submit your application form and required documents
• Application fee will be exempted for applicant apply via ‘Recommended School Entrance Examination’
3) Please bring along the application fee (Cash only)

Please note that all documents and application cannot be returned after application

Screening Process

1) Paper Test (Japanese, mathematics etc)
2) Document screening
3) Interview (Please refer entrance exam schedule for more information)

Scholarships for overseas students

eligible for overseas students
For further information, please inquire our overseas student admission office(0120-02-2535)